Fidelity has rigged the market for Tesla

Essentially what has probably happened is they (other longs) have decided that market making for Tesla is a very good business indeed. Notwithstanding the fact that they are up on realized pnl of $1 billion + on Tesla alone, and have significant stakes in Space X, besides Elon Musk and the US taxpayers, only Fidelity has Continue reading Fidelity has rigged the market for Tesla

Could it be that Marx was still right? That the spectre still haunts capitalism

…And that Von Neuman was also so right, that one has to be careful with mathematics as it leads to sophistry … …and the complexity theorist also right that spontaneous emergence leads to rational agents randomly buying stocks because they simply go up. …and the fundamentalist when they say that it is 1999.

No universal computer can ever exist This has no direct bearing on Tesla, but in so much that Tesla is a so-called tech company, it is perhaps interesting to read some of the practical limits of computing. … essentially , Turing tried to fix his thesis. Computing that is dependent on time domain for certainty or accuracy and one that is Continue reading No universal computer can ever exist

Like a row of dominoes…just prove one!

mathematical induction, commonly used to prove statements about all the natural numbers. The idea behind induction is simple: you first prove your statement is true for the first natural number, 0, and then you prove that if it’s true for one natural number, it’s also true for the next one along. In this way, the numbers succumb Continue reading Like a row of dominoes…just prove one!