Tesla > GM

Elon Musk vision is clearly so powerful he should buy or merge with GM. Of-course, the first thing he would do is pack the management of this boring firm in a Christmas box big enough to give several dozen executives golden parachutes. As for the workers in these moribund factories, they should consider themselves warned , and take the package when it comes to them.  This is to say while President Donald Trump is worried about factories relocating to Mexico, Elon is waiting and ready to go factory version dreadnaught 3.0 once he is out of office.

The power of Mr Musk vision of automated factories , stores, and cars mean that in the future Detroit is the fossil of the auto industry for dead certain. That is to say that should Tesla  and its  rotating CFO lose a half a billion a quarter, then so be it, there is a another funding round of a billion that will keep the operation going. Musk might be the first to prove that enough money can make pigs fly.  Even really heavy ones. btw , no one should tell the Chinese that they don’t have enough farmland to feed their people, but since there at the casino, might as well roll high.

It should be particularly depressing for Detroit CEO’s and their workers, since the government invested $80 billion dollars and lost $17 billion dollars to bail out these too big to fail organizations. That is if they give 2 chits.

The bailouts unfortunately  cost the management of these two US stalwarts to lose their entrepreneurial creativity. This is to say that if the executives in Detroit haven’t figured it out by now, they are going to be pawned in a few years and have to fire most of their workforce since Elon Musk and his endless stream of financial backers will cover any operating losses to own the billions of revenue that the auto industry spills off.

I have to admit, I didn’t think they , Elon and his backers,  had it in them. But Tesla’s voracious appetite can only be thought of in a zero sum game where Detroit and perhaps a few other global automakers, are too squeamish to win.

chapo Elon Musk. chapo

As for GM and Ford, perhaps they had it coming.

ps … i don’t really believe that, but this is obviously what Elon Musk is selling.



TSLA Mkt cap: $46 billion dollars

GM Mkt cap: $53 billion dollars

F Mkt cap: $46 billion dollars


***Tesla funding sources…endless … next step, the gulf states


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