There is a lot of thinking going on at Tesla

By that I mean the word “think” is used 40 times more than  it appears in the english at least when looked at on his last conference call.

Screenshot 2017-05-04 12.35.00

Perhaps he is not thinking so clearly though when he said that customers might perceive that the Model 3 is a better Model S. That is a bit like Apple suggesting that a larger screen smart phone is not a tablet.

I must make one apology that about the eventual Tesla fiasco that is bound to happen. It never occurred to me that most people might not just want to Tesla to fail , but surprisingly the entire fking system. Thats where Jean Baudrillard comes in …


“Elon” -> 98, “think” -> 86, “just” -> 81, “Musk” -> 81, “Reeve” -> \
80, “3” -> 54, “like” -> 52, “Yeah” -> 51


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