Modern civilisation is in crisis because the West has lost faith

Clearly Apple Should Buy Tesla for $100 billion dollars

The market always has a reason, though it is not clear to any one person as each only has as fragment of the truth. But Tesla having returned to investors year to date from January of 2017 to June 8th of 2017 65.7% vs Apple’s 36% is clear and incontrovertible proof that Elon Musk socialist experiment to save the planet is what is valued more by the drunk punters on Wall Street (gamed one might say given the blatant lies ). But given Tesla, now worth $60 billion dollars, if one ignores enterprise value, has as of June 8th, being worth $10 billion dollars more in market capitalization value than GM and $15 billion dollars greater than that of Ford, despite hiring no one, hence no legacy cost, will be America’s automobile champion of the near future. Then it would only make sense for Apple to pay 1/10th of its obvious and eventual terminal present value of at least $1 trillion dollars. That is of-course if Elon Musk and his socialist backers ( or perhaps communist backers) would let go of his prize for such a fraction of its true wealth. On the other hand, it could though be very well the case that if Tim Cooke were to be so daft as to acquire this monstrosity of the markets making he would have fulfilled Steve Jobs vision of not being the product guy that everyone knows he’s not, and should probably step down from his post not having the vision to lead Apple well into the 21st century. On the other hand, when markets become so disconnected from reality is but a warning that true social upheaval and market chaos is but around the corner. Why with the rich not paying taxes and having prepared their nuclear bunker shells in Nevada or reserved plots in New Zealand for the tail scenario, they would well likely be more prepared (at least some of them ) to know when the proverbial sh&t would hit the fan before their expensive parlor games and market nonsense come to long before the clueless masses catch a sniff. Surely it would be the masses that would pay for such a revolution, as they have in the past and as they tend to do. So surely it wouldn’t and shouldn’t happen. The poor, not having anything at stake, may wish ill on the .1% [120,000 families], as they did in the in the run up to the great depression, but history proved wishing ill saved no one in 1929 and the years after. So it is better then in fact that the music keeps playing, for as long as it can, and that we can see the end, so that if nothing else, we will have a good story to tell.


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