Mexicon $8 per hour , Robot ,75cents

Mexico $8 per hour all in , Robot(big ones) .75 to 1.50 cents per hour?

Of-course the thing is, whatever the numbers are, in competitive market all manufacturers are watching each other.

The Germans have been talking about industry 4.0 for years. Hard to imagine them just dropping the ball and rolling over as Finance Capital in US apparently thinks.  

or China for that matter which is unmatched in electronics. So Tesla sources from china with their low volumes, what advantage do they have?

“China’s achievement is especially significant.Today, it would be nearly impossiblefor any other region to replicatethe country’s manufacturing prowess inelectronics or the speed with which its
companies can introduce new products,says Harvard Business School professorWilly Shih, a longtime executive at IBM,
Eastman Kodak, and other multinationalfirms who studies the links between manufacturing,product development, and

One of Musk problems is, well besides lying, but that is just a pathological defect that is hard wired to him, perhaps from his troubled childhood, is he’s been given far too much “capital”.

Speaking of capital, my new appreciation is that all capital is human capital. It is a little tautological right. It is like saying all money is made of money. But realistically the Marxist version with the adjustment the acceptance of marginal productivity as a justification for labor exploitation or something along those lines. The “capitalist” can easily rationlize his profits therefore as long as marginal productivity is real.


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