There only two public companies really like Tesla (ROI

There only two public companies really like Tesla (ROI 5 year) – Avtovaz and Tianjin FAW

Both have had executives accused of fraud.
The former, Avtovaz, is the national automaker of Russia, maker of the Lada, and was the place where former and now deceased Russian oligarch Boris Berezosky, rumored to have killed former Forbes Russian editor Paul Klebnikov, made his billions. Tianjin FAW is Chinese, sells its cars below cost, and Xu Jianyi(“chairman of state-owned China FAW Group Corp), was investigated in March 2015 for fraud. When it comes to 5 year ROIC , they actually looked better than Tesla.

***Tesla is a bit of a national disgrace…worse than companies in politically compromised countries.
***I am sure it is all just a coincidence. A few billion here from the fed, a few billion from California, a quid from Nevada, and a pro from New York State
***It couldn’t be that America itself is just corrupted right … can’t be…

***Klebnikov knew too much, but his book God Father of the Kremlin (about Berezovsky ) was a good read. Anyone that believes in the efficient market theory just needs to just read a couple books on post collapse Russia.


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