Telsa had 1 year in 10 with positive cash generated from operations

Since 2007, Tesla has had 1 year with positive cash from operations. That would have been 2013.

What it took was a 387% revenue increase which coincided with the first full year launch of the Model S. Gross margins went from 7.3% to 22.7% from 2012 to 2013. That level of gross margin is where Tesla still was in 2016.

Model 3 is a lower margin car, unless the mass market is for 500,000 Tesla owners that spend $60,000 for the premium all you can eat luxury compact EV…i.e. M3 Money(granted i get the government to a point is eating some of that cost).

Just wait till some of these people realize that charging isn’t as easy as one might think. Maybe they should all line up at a supercharger and spontaneously combust there new found batteries in the process.

The fact that Tesla has never made money doesn’t mean they never will. But when Musk promises that they could and fails on those promises, skepticisms is in order, especially when the company is already priced like an automotive major.

***Numbers have been taken from the income statement, not Musk quotes.


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