**About Tesla’s 2013 Operating Cash Flow Positive

About Tesla’s 2013 Operating Cash Flow Positive

What did dear Uncle Elon introduce in 2013 to stick the Tesla to his customers. The 36 to 39 month RVG( residual value guarantee )
I am not saying there was anything untoward about it. It certainly helped. But 3 years later, not everyone is happy that the value of their expensive ev tanked.

Of-course, the Plan was so good that Tesla had to abandon it, I wonder why?

                    2016    2015    2014    2013
    RVG 326.9   442.3   249.5   236.3
SALES   7,000.10    4,046.00    3,198.40    2,013.50
            4.7%    10.9%   7.8%    11.7%

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