Model 3 interior will feel like a spaceship

It might look like a nice interior, but really there is nothing spaceship or super advanced about it. In fact, I think Musk missed a few tricks that shows he’s no where near as creative as people think. But I will point out 2 things.

  1. HUD (Heads Up Display) . Maybe its coming. Maybe I missed it. But from all reviews it seems there is a single main monitor.
  2. No HUD , that is perfectly fine. But Farraday future showed a beautiful concept (FFZERO)where the smartphone fit into the steering wheel. What would it have cost Tesla to integrate the singular most disruptive form of computing that 3 billion people have on their bodies at all time? Not much. Musk can’t even steal and as Jobs once famously said, great artist steal.
  3. America is a third World country. If we are still easily hoodwinked after 10 years of this fool, we have really lost it. We deserve the heroes we have.

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