Strange metric.
Gross Profit over prior year R&D since 2012
2012    2013     2014        2015         2016
(0.1439) (1.6653) (3.8007) (1.9873) (2.2277)

In 2016, for every dollar of R&D spent in 2015, Tesla reported a loss of $2.22 cent in gross profit. Maybe they should spend more?

Yes, they should capitalize it right. Juice their reported earnings…

Tesla launched the Model X in 2015. That was supposed to help matters.

But why wasn’t 2016’s RORC 1 year better than 2015..oh you know, to pay for the Model 3 and the Gigafactory, and the excellent R&D work.  Oh Forgot, Model x was a dud. Give this man more money to build more factories.


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