So Amazon had a big day on Friday…how about those options

Fidelity contra fund holdings, qqq closing price, and the top names in the qqq.

Screenshot 2017-10-28 14.15.20.png

Might Fidelity contra fund be able to keep funding Tesla with the options market setting the price for the market…

Screenshot 2017-10-28 14.18.14.png


It was portfolio insurance that crashed the market in 1987, all due respect to the rambling speculation of academics.

Screenshot 2017-10-28 14.29.26.png

wonder if they teach that to the analyst when they are doing DCF’s… not!

wonder if the global central banks realize the amount of imitative lemming-like behavior they have created on the stock markets to the world’s danger!. .. not!

The market is engineered…it does not trade to reality.

Or it trades to the engineered reality of the options market…equities evidently are too boring.


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