Correction on QQQ’s and one more tidit

It was the 150 strike with the huge open interest.

How much money are those worth? does it even matter?

$9,226,038.00 (46,362 * 1.91*100): bid side: $8,855,142.00

but how many of the real underlying does it control:

46,362*100=4.636 million shares


whatis that worth in dollars if the option holders had bought it cash with no margin:

4.636 million shares times 150 = $695 million dollars.

how many shares of Amazon is that worth: 695 million dollars*6.74% = $47 million dollars.


QQQ171103C00150000 2017-10-27 4:01PM EDT 150 2 1.91 1.99 +1.60 +400.00% 46,362 44,916 16.55% $9,226,038.00


But you still don’t don’t get me ?

Hmm are the QQQ’s the only way to to own  synthetic amazon? no

Screenshot 2017-10-28 21.07.51

you think that moron Jack Bogle knows anything about how ETF’s and leverage on ETF’s will destroy the market?


Screenshot 2017-10-28 21.09.32.png

nope, and he doesn’t care. He will be dying soon anyway so maybe he won’t get to see the aftermath.

Boy, I can’t wait until Amazon gets added into the Dow. Maybe they can put in Tesla at the same time.

Screenshot 2017-10-28 21.14.25


The reason why Bezos is the Worlds richest man has much less to do with Amazon than it has to do with the market and its structure. It is the same reason Tesla is still alive …more or less.





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