What do two 140 IQ asset managers do on a jump ball when they are evenly matched?

It must be nice to have such an IQ. The two highly intelligent men/women both know they trade Ponzi scheme money, just as much as Musk knows the money he needs to keep Tesla alive is fake. What both of them must know, as in the prisoners dilemma, is that the first one to cheat might just win! Hence the options manipulation. All fair play in love and war about fake money.

In all seriousness, I am not just putting it out there, I have seen it up close.

But forget about my personal claims, you think Raj Rajaratnam wasn’t a smart guy?


Or Brian Hunter? or Steven Cohen?

Being smart is only part of the game… the guy that wins has to be the one sometimes willing to go to jail.


RIP TESLA..you had it coming.


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