No, I don’t actually believe that Wall Street money managers have IQ’s of 140

IQ’s are more or less normally distributed, whatever IQ really means.  There are in fact quite a lot morons. None the less, I feel I need to point out  the recent news that Trump could pull the EV incentives was no surprise to me. I started solving much of the base for my case against Tesla on a political note. Obama, and by extension Steven Chu, quite clearly wanted them to work, though not exactly the kind Tesla promoted. It was one of the puzzles I had to figure out in detail. The real question is why did it take Trump so long? In any event, if Trump pulls the EV incentives, any brain dead analyst (ADAM JONAS) should realize that Tesla will be dead within a year, full stop, as demand will absolutely collapse.


*** on the IQ front, being so smart could also be an impediment, as they would have a hard time fooling Main Street for arbitrage free profit, if they were too far removed from the actualities of reality which can be quite messy and seemingly pointless at times.

Screenshot 2017-11-02 23.41.24


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