Only in the bubbles


Feng Gu – 

“that is the reason for the failure of the traditional analysis of companies”

Baruch Lev has been singing this song and dance for over a decade…

Now evidently earnings don’t matter …and in a sense in a casino they never did,

but when you say on minute 8:36 that “Tesla had an accumulated of loss of $1.5 billion dollars… ” … well, the story has to end there and bile in one’s throat has to spill out as vomit…Tesla’s most recent balance sheet retained earnings were -4.2 billion dollars which s essentially was the accounting line the professor seemed to be referring to.

…Of course, it would be too much to ask for the professor to actually know or remember how to read a balance sheet when he thinks they don’t matter…but that is why they invented the cash flow statement, to begin with.




Screenshot 2017-11-11 18.21.22.png

Screenshot 2017-11-11 18.24.58


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