Why do cockroaches survive?


“Why Cockroaches Survive

The success of the cockroach has been attributed to a variety of innate characteristics including:

  • Adaptability. It is an incredibly adaptive insect, having adjusted to the changes of the earth and its inhabitants for these hundreds of millions of years. Most recently, not only adjusting to life with humans, but using our homes, businesses, and food as their own.
  • Diet. Cockroaches will eat just about anything. They prefer food sources such as starches, sweets, grease and meat products, but they will also eat cheese, beer, leather, glue, hair, starch in book bindings, flakes of dried skin or decaying organic matter (plant or animal) – even wallpapers and stamps, primarily because of the glues on them.”Screenshot 2017-11-15 11.35.56.png
  • Size. Because cockroaches are so small – especially the German cockroaches – they can hide and make their homes in the tiniest of cracks, or squeeze through these to build a vast population behind a wall. They may be found under refrigerators, stoves, false bottoms in kitchen cabinets, in the backs of cabinets and in crevices between baseboards and floors or cabinets and walls. They may also be found behind pictures or within electronic equipment.

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