The Problem with Tesla is a also a problem of Math Itself

One thing about perhaps being a journalist or professional who has to do something for a living is your constantly forced to produce. It could be crap, but doing a job forces one to do things that may or may not be entirely productive. The decision of what is productive in those cases is up to the producer, business owner, consumer, or perhaps politician. In thinking of how warped the idea of Tesla is, I can take a step back whenever I want to. My only customer of real note is myself.

Taking some time off from posting and working on other things have lead me to understand some of the problems with just perhaps everything.

One of those everything is in a sense math. Math is the most precise language humans know. But like all languages, math itself is subjective. It is arbitrary.

We can no more say that math is necessary to advance civilization that advancing civilization has no real meaning. At least no particular word can convey that it, advancing, or civilization, has meaning. We can say that an organized and civil society kind of agree on what organized and civil society means, but that they have agreed on it is also somewhat arbitrary.

They could just as soon not agree on it! It being both what advancing is or isn’t for a society or some such nonsense. Without getting lost in this circular logic, we could perhaps go one step above it and say that in Tesla and humanity, even above language, are properties of existence that are always true.

Language is created and necessary for an advancing civilization. Math is just one of those languages but on some level it is arbitrary.

Such a perspective is quite humbling in one sense and might be the end all except that beyond language, the other defining aspect of say the step of above humanity a species desire to survive and to a sense, manipulate its environment to do so.

Math, a language, and a subset of language itself, is just one way a species may attempt to manipulate its environment to survive. Tesla, the abstraction, the company, its supporters, and detractors, are in a sense manipulating their way to survival.

Tesla in this sense is not unique or special. The assumption therefore that is airtight is that it and its stock price are the manifestation of its will to survive. 

Taking to another practical step, what does it mean for portfolio that holds stock in Tesla to be efficient. Does such a portfolio even care in practice what Tesla is or isn’t beyond some unit of measurement that might be subjectively called risk ? Put it this way, it is not necessary that they do so and that is also math, the language that can be boiled down to meaning northing beyond a tool for species survival by way of environmental manipulation.

Taking this view it would be easy to let Tesla and its manipulative investors, long or short, off the hook. Except there is one out of this infinite loop. Is it the case that Tesla is enhancing the prospect of species survival or the inverse? Who is to tell? Does it matter?



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