fake probability math including Elon as adversary and motiviational insight?

of course, it is that man and his friends and fans.

back to fake probability 99% chance Telsa economics blows * 50% chance your bank  and its derivatives also called Mr market screws you * 50% chance  your smarter than the marginal investor * 50% chance your smarter than the best liar (Elon) in corporate America…(it ain’t lying if it is marketing  ) = 12.37% ie 87.53% chance you lose …even being right that Tesla is the lock ness monster on world automotive stage.

Screenshot 2017-12-14 16.16.11.png


of-course we can make the fake math even more real. Let’s add in the fact you must also beat the government ( .50 )and most of the media (.50 )

and you are at a 3% chance.

Screenshot 2017-12-14 16.23.42




God, I love black and white portrait pictures.

What I would give to see Elon Musk debugging robots personally and sleeping on the factory floor in a sleeping bag.

For .01% of his net worth, i would sleep in that bag all year.

That would be 2 million dollars for those who are keeping tabs.

Why would he lie?



But no worries, 100% taxpayers are screwed.



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