There is a reason Tesla is still here…we are mostly pretty stupid…just where they want us to be

Just how smart  those so-called Silicon Valley engineers anyway (compared to everyone else that is)?

Screenshot 2017-12-17 03.39.39


Screenshot 2017-12-17 03.41.22Screenshot 2017-12-17 03.42.23Screenshot 2017-12-17 03.57.45.pngScreenshot 2017-12-17 03.57.01.pngScreenshot 2017-12-17 03.54.49.pngScreenshot 2017-12-17 03.48.10.pngScreenshot 2017-12-17 03.45.32.pngScreenshot 2017-12-17 03.43.55.pngScreenshot 2017-12-17 03.43.07.png


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