The inverse of the twin prime conjecture…and Intel

“In 1995, Thomas Nicely of Lynchburg College, Virginia, showed that {B_2 \approx 1.90216058}. To be on the safe side, Nicely performed all his calculations twice, using two algorithms on two separate computers. He found discrepancies and, after eliminating other possibilities, pinned down the anomalous numerical results to the floating point unit in the brand new Intel Pentium chip, introduced in 1993. The Pentium gave incorrect values for the reciprocals of the twin primes:”

Brun’s Constant and the Pentium Bug

it has nothing to do with Tesla, but interesting nonetheless. Guessing though like then and now, Intel had alot of really smart people working on its processors…


Well it has nothing to do with Tesla if you think that Tesla is isolated from all other stocks or the value of money itself…




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